About us

Effortlessly the beautiful voices of the three Suriname brothers melt together into one harmonious sound. With this brand new live show CC Campbell pays tribute to their musical heroes.

CC Campbell Live
The live shows from CC Campbell take you back in time while keeping your feet in the present. CC Campbell knows how to give the audience the Motown energy in the same stylish way as their Motown heroes.

With their soul and pop repertoire, CC Campbell regularly performs at public and private events.

Close harmony
On the cd you can find a lot of modern day close harmony performances of soul and pop classics from the 70’s and 80’s. Their versions of “My Girl”, “Papa was a rolling stone” and “Bernadette” bring the listener back to those days. On the same cd you can also enjoy songs of the Bee Gees and Cliff Richard. The sweet multi-voiced songs ‘I Am on my way’ and ‘If this is real’ from songwriters Humphrey Campbell and Lucy Steymel perfectly fit the repertoire.

Creating the album was the idea of Tony Berk, director of Dino Music. Most musical arrangements were done by Humphrey Campbell. Several well-known artists including Ruth Jacott, Forrest Thomas, Rocq-e Harral and Edwin Schimscheimer are featured on the album.  The single “My Girl” made it onto South Africa’s Top 100.

It’s a family affair
The members of this musical trio were born in Suriname. They come from a large family who left Suriname for the Netherlands in the 70’s.  They grew up with Pop music and national hymns. Making music was part of their lives since the day they started walking. Humphrey, Charles and Carlo have always tried to continue their musical development and the result is clear: whether they are on stage or in the studio, they perfectly complement one another and they love it.

Humphrey, Carlo and Charles have fond memories of their tour with the Wereldomroep (Dutch radio station) along the South coast of France in 1999. They have also performed on the TV shows Cor & Co (Cor Bakker), ‘Het gevoel van’ (on TV-channel KRO) and Het Swingpaleis (on TV-channel VRT).

CC Campbell have made appearances on: Jos op 1 (NCRV), Koffietijd (RTL4), Kerstshow Winterwonderland (RTL4), 15 Miljoen Mensen (RTL6), Gouden Televiezier-ring (AVRO), Het Wereldomroep Gala met het Metropole Orkest, Miss Beautiful Black verkiezing (Veronica).