Carlo Campbell

The Netherlands, twelve points

In 1992, with Carlo en Ben as backing vocals and Humphrey as lead singer, they perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. They finish ninth among the 25 participating countries with the song “Wijs Me De Weg” (written and composed by Edwin Schimscheimer). This brought notoriety and with it a lot of concerts in theNetherlandsand abroad.

Vocal synergy

The vocal synergy of Humphrey and Carlo is recorded for the first time in 1991. They recorded a song on Humphrey’s first album. The combination of their voices resulted in a beautiful and harmonious sound. Since the result was that good they recorded four songs in total.

About Carlo

Carlo Campbell was born on the 26th of January 1961. He’s the 12th child of James and Pauline Campbell. He grew up in the Northern part of theNetherlands. Music is a fact of life in the Campbell family. From an early age he sang in singing groups. He is part of CC Campbell since 1997.

Carlo has always been very driven and wants to know everything, even the slightest detail. Long before every performance he makes sure that everything is prepared. He is a very meticulous artist, he strives for the best on a visual and vocal level, he always looks for a way to improve and he strives for perfection.